V.I.P. Coaching



Common Objectives:

  • Losing Weight
  • Increasing Income
  • Establishing a Business
  • Developing a stronger Spiritual Connection
  • Discovering Passion and Purpose

Weekly Call

This package includes a weekly One-on-One call with one of our Team Coaches. During this call, there are several base areas addressed including help, money, spiritual being, checklist and to do’s, and any other goals and objectives that you and your partner Coach are working towards. These areas of focus are based on your desired goals and objectives and certain areas may be focused on more than others throughout your journey with us.
This call last approximately 45 minutes but, can be a bit longer depending on what needs to be covered. This weekly call will keep you on task and held accountable for the areas in your life in which you are working to improve.

Access to all Coach Calls

Osiris Life advisors present a coaching call once a month.These calls are typically facilitated by Osiris Life coaches. Some months we host a select specialist in key areas of expertise who grace us with their experience and tips. These calls are vital to diversifying your own informational wealth portfolio and provide an excellent way to keep your coaching and training exciting.

50% off all Courses

We invite you to use our courses as an addendum to your one-on-one coaching calls. These courses are expertly taught and presented for your growth and development. They will enhance your self-empowerment journey and bring deeper insight into the information and guidance that your coach is giving you. Enjoy 50% off on all courses on the site as a benefit of gold membership.

50% off on all Books and Videos

As a Gold member enjoy all of our books and videos at a 50% discount. Our books and videos provide detailed and exhaustive explanations on many topics. Purchase as many books and videos as you’d like and increase your personal development IQ.

Check-In Calls

At this membership level, you will receive check-in calls in between your sessions from your Coach in order to insure that you are on task and schedule with what it is you are working on. This also creates a tighter bond of responsibility with you and your Coach Advisor so, they are intimately kept “in the loop”.

Email/Text access

Using Email or Text messaging you can get in touch with your Osiris Life Coach at any time. For some personal projects and objectives, you may need advice in a relatively short period of time. This service level provides a consistent link of mentorship and guidance between you and your Osiris Life confidant.


V.I.P. members are given written coaching session reports after their time spent with their advisors. This allows you to completely focus on the flow of your session. Your Coach delivers an assessment of your progress and any obstacles, plus victories, you showed during your session. By looking at your sessions, cumulatively you’ll get an idea of what your personal timeline looks like and how to better recognize your progress.

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Zach Latimer, Chief Yuya


3 Months, 6 Months, 9 Months, 12 Months