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CHOOSE COACHING We have many ways for you to grow!

  • Information packed practical training.
  • A practical learning experience with live project work and examples.
  • Practical assignments at the end of every session.
  • Practical assignments at the practical training.


Here is a sample outline of the steps that we will take with you. 

Step 1 Identifying your Primary Essentials Before we do anything, we must first address our basic survival needs and ensure that they are not only being met but, we are prepared to live beyond mere survival. We make sure we secure “Food, Clothing, and Shelter” with the least amount of effort.

Step 2 Ego Management We all have necessary defense mechanisms. Sometimes those defense mechanisms can be the one thing keeping us from letting go of our lack of accountability and misdirected blame.

Step 3 Honesty The only way that we can truly own and create a better path for ourselves is, to be honest about the decisions that we make that have put us on the path we’re on. This is the step of those serious self-checks and what we call “mirror therapy”.

Step 4 Your Unique Genius In order to own our own destiny, we must be able to create choices for ourselves that reflect our own wisdom and uniqueness. We all have certain gifts that enable us to achieve our highest goals.

Step 5 Marking your Objective In order to achieve anything, we must first have a clear destination in mind. The more defined we make that goal, the easier it is for it to manifest in our lives by the very simple laws of attraction.

Step 6 Courageous Decisiveness Here we carve the contours of our own boundaries in a way that empowers us and breaks our limits. Having the courage to let others know that we are moving in our own flow and fashion is the key to own our own reality.

Step 7 Personal Development Learning to do a thing at a time, is vital. We are all here to do a precious thing in life on the road of self-improvement and the more we develop ourselves through “perfecting”, the more that things come into focus.

Step 8 Transcendental Moments In order for all of this to make sense, life has to be embraced with a vivaciousness that makes every moment come alive with the excitement of our endless possibilities. There are moments in which we make vital choices, internally, that change our lives forever. Let’s make some of those moments!

All of our coaching experiences are customized to suit your needs.

Each of our coaches brings their own unique toolset and experience.

No two coaches are alike.

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