Hi, We are Osiris Life

OsirisLife.com provides coaching solutions for those who are ready to take strong measures to bring themselves to a place of spiritual and holistic balance. For all who are no longer entertain the idea of true ascension and healthier life norms but, are invested in their highest ideas and images of success!

Osiris is an ancient Egyptian symbol of regeneration and rebirth. As a symbol of resurrection, Osiris was the embodiment of the reclaiming of life after having his consciousness scattered and dispersed. At OsirisLife.com we work with you to implement ways for you to claim all of the greatness of your consciousness and creativity.

Working solutions. Competent coaching. Universal wisdom.

No more wandering around aimlessly with no clue as to what your purpose is in life or how you will achieve your goals.


The work you do with us is your business. The goals, obstacles, and personal situations that you are looking to confront are held in the highest confidence with us and your discretion is one of our highest priorities. You can succeed and triumph in your life and you choose to reveal the secret to YOUR success, or not.

Easily Applied

All of the techniques and lessons that are offered to you by your OsirisLife.com coach are given to you in a way that is designed for you. We do not put a heavy emphasis on the metaphorical and esoteric but, rather we take the unseen and complex aspects of your journey and translate them into relevant practices and solutions that you can apply immediately, without delay.

Holistic Development

Osiris Life does not just focus on spiritual development but, we advocate that a whole individual is able to participate and enjoy the whole experience of their life journey. We address your physical, mental, emotional, financial, spiritual, and souls condition in order to establish the best practices that will get your entire life on track and flourishing.

Exclusive Instruction

Receive one on one coaching. Boldly, explore the areas of your personal development that only you know are holding you back. Receive custom tailored development plans and strategies that grow with you.

Real Results

From in-person meet-ups, phone consultations, podcast, and exclusive videos you are never left out of the loop. A set of goals and objectives are outlined from the outset of your membership and your progress is recorded. This allows us to customize our work together to guarantee you positive results in your life.

Podcast and Videos

All members receive special access to a monthly podcast and video design only for OsirisLife.com members. This unique content focuses on practical hands-on self-development techniques that will help to accompany the monthly readings and work done for you.